23 december 2018

Universal Dashboard v1.2.2 released.

What's new:
  • Support for Android 8.0 Oreo.
  • Dashboard "Stack ST8130" updated.
8 april 2018

Universal Dashboard v1.2.1 released.

What's new:

Minor bugfixes.
25 march 2018

Universal Dashboard v1.2 released.

What's new:

Full version:
  • Dashboard Editor (separate Windows application).
  • Support for Codemasters F1 2016 and F1 2017 games.
  • New dashboards: McLaren PCU-6D, Mercedes PCU-8D.

Both versions:
  • Graphics improovements: shadows under needles, smooth needles motion.
  • Main menu redesign: added icons for dashboards.
  • Usability improovement: Loading screen after dashboard selection.
  • Preferences screen with units selection.
  • Bugfix: rare error after builtin dashboard selection.
3 august 2017

Universal Dashboard v1.1 released.

What's new:
  • Full version of application now have ability to automatic downloading of all addon dashboards.
  • Fully rewritten network code.
  • Dashboard "MoTeC ADL3" updated.
  • Built-in dashboards improved.
  • Dashboard "Truck Dashboard" moved to free version.
  • New dashboard "Truck Dashboard 2" released.
  • New dashboard "Truck Dashboard 3" released.
  • New dashboard "Vintage dashboard 2" released.
  • Now dashboards have ability to play sounds. LoadEffect and PlayEffect functions added to Lua API.
  • New telemetry variables added to Lua API.
11 february 2017

Tutorial dashboards released.

Get tutorial dashboards at download page.
1 february 2017

Universal Dashboard v1.0 released.

What's new:
  • Initial release.